18 of Halloween’s Creepiest Cakes

From bloody wedding cakes to gruesome zombie confections, these cakes are some of the eeriest around

A zombie blood bath cake is just the beginning of the madness...

Most of the time, the word "cake" is usually accompanied by adjectives like "sweet" and "beautiful." We are used to gazing at cakes and admiring their loveliness or marveling at their artistry. It isn’t often that we seek out a cake that makes our spine tingle and our stomach quiver. But when Halloween rolls around, we can’t help but marvel in the gory glory that the season calls for.

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Bakers are constantly pushing the boundaries of cake design. With each passing season, the cakes get more elaborate and the details get more intricate. Throw in the added task of making a cake that would make Dracula run away faster than a throwing a bulb of garlic at him would and you have yourself a challenge worth accepting. With limitless options of how to create a cake that makes us shake in our boots, inspiration lurks behind every door. 


Some of these cakeries got their inspiration from classic Halloween movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. Others channeled the eerie allure of Victorian gothic skulls or blood-splattered tiers in their cake designs. No matter if these cakes were at a Halloween party or even at the center of a wedding, we guarantee you’ll sleep with one eye open and a fork in hand after taking a peek at these ghoulish sweet treats.