18 Celebrities With Awesome Food Feeds

Let's be honest about something: we can be all sometimes be easily influenced by celebrities and what they are doing, wearing, buying, or eating. It's sad but true — we are often interested in every move they make. And with the way the social media world works today, it is even easier to stalk their every move, every wardrobe change, and every bite. We can interact with our famous loves on a level that wasn't possible in the past. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow us to follow them, friend them, and find out what is new in their lives at a moment's notice.

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When you're a food lover, having access to these celebrities and their photos via social media can be a really fun tool. After all, many celebrities are eating awesome meals in great restaurants. Want to see what Jimmy Fallon had for lunch? Just pop onto his Instagram and check it out. He's an avid diner and food lover and frequently posts his eating romps. Or are you more interested in seeing those "celebs are just like us" posts of home-cooked meals? That's no problem. Hit up Oprah's Twitter page and check out the photo of her at-home Thanksgiving meal, complete with basted turkey pics. Just about every celebrity chef out there, from Mario Batali to Giada De Laurentiis, has their own Instagram with photos of their creations. Use them as inspiration to cook your own gourmet meals at home. 

When food porn — as it is sometimes called — is your thing, social media is the place to go. There's something, and someone, out there for every food lover, from the fancy photos to the quick snap of a takeout meal. Check out some of our favorite celebs and their food photos.