16 Outrageous Celebrity Wedding Cakes

When it comes to weddings, celebrities truly know how to throw an extravagant party. The celebrations often include elaborate dinner banquets, catered to the taste of the couple, and an over-the-top theme for the festivities. But wedding cakes are often the most outrageous element of the party, and are designed and decorated to be the central attraction of the evening.

In True Celebrity Fashion, These Wedding Cakes Are Over-the-Top!

Intricate detailing on each towering tier, new cake architecture, and imaginative color schemes (like hot red, as at the nuptials of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker) are all different ways to make a wedding cake stand out, and celebrity brides and grooms have embraced the task of making their cakes unique and awe-inducing.

Choosing a bakery to make a memorable wedding cake is a big decision for any wedding, and celebrities certainly have an A-list selection to choose from. Favorite cake designers include New York's Sylvia Weinstock, Napa, Calif.'s Perfect Endings bakery, and Hansen's Cakes in Los Angeles, all of which have produced many magnificent creations.

Some pretty outrageous cakes also come from some of the most unexpected celebrities, as with Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney's wedding masterpiece and Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann's carnival-inspired towering confection.  And although some celebrities opted for a more traditional approach to their big day's dessert, they are nevertheless as grand as expected. Many of the cakes on our list match the couple's personalities to a tee, like Liza Minnelli and David Gest's towering multi-colored cake, for example.

The most over-the-top as well as the most classic cakes, however, come from the royal family in England. Whether it's Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles' ornate cake from the Royal Naval Cookery School in 1981, or Prince William and Kate Middleton's must-see cake of the year in 2011, the English royalty really know how to have their cake and eat it, too.

Click ahead to see our slideshow of the most outrageous celebrity wedding cakes throughout history — you may just be inspired to up the sugary ante for your own wedding.