15 Percent of Americans on Food Stamps and More News

In today's Media Mix, a 'Book of Mormon' menu, plus McDonald's may be selling music abroad
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world.

More Americans on Food Stamps: While the unemployment rate has gone down, the Labor Department announced that about 15 percent of Americans, or 22.4 million households, are in the SNAP program. Oh, snap. [CNBC]

Book of Mormon Menu Hits Los Angeles: In honor of the musical's arrival in Los Angeles, Wood & Vine is launching a theater prix fixe menu, complete with a Respect Your Elder-flower cocktail and a Latter-Day Night Fever cocktail. [LA Times]

McDonald's May Sell Exclusive Music Abroad: Pakistani rock band JoSH has struck a deal with McDonald's for their album to be sold exclusively to McDonald's in Pakistan, where every super-sized grand chicken burger order comes with a copy of their new album. Walmart and Target missed out. [Forbes]

Potty-Training in Restaurants: People might have varying opinions on breast-feeding in public, but potty-training in public (especially in a restaurant) is probably universally regarded as disgusting. [Huff Po]

OpenTable Meets 15 Million Reviews: The restaurant reservation website hit 15 million user-generated reviews this week. [PR Newswire]