15 Most Expensive Celebrity Parties of the Year

How the stars lived it up in 2013

What would you spend on a party if you could?

They’re the parties we all wanted to be invited to — you know, great food, open bar, killer entertainment, and often, even a red carpet. Some celebrities party all the time, while others host events on occasion. Still, whether they’re in Hollywood, New York, Chicago, Florida, Washington, D.C., or in the Caribbean, A-listers know how to have a good time. But have you ever dreamed of going to a soirée so elaborate that guests had to sign a confidentiality agreement?

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The menus can be extravagant — caviar and lamb, for example — or they can be simple, like hot dogs and donuts. But no matter what is served, a lot of star power and a lot of money can make for memorable parties. Think themed parties, extravagant parting gifts, and star-studded guest lists.

Big birthday parties were trendy this year, like the first birthday celebration for the daughter of one celebrity couple, who threw a six-figure bash complete with high-priced costumes and a very expensive cake. And a few celebs on our list had milestone birthdays this year, which meant a lot of celebrating!

A lot of celebrity weddings got our attention in 2013, too. One Oscar winner’s vow renewal required renting out the entire resort where the ceremony took place; a reality star’s remarriage at a luxe hotel included a guest list with celebrity friends, a menu of comfort food and two outfits for the bride. And another wedding’s bill topped out at $10 million!

Highbrow industry parties always feature great food and fashion and draw lots of celebrities. But which star wore a $26,000 dress? Who met the president at another event? And what kind of food did a celebrity chef serve guests at one of Hollywood’s biggest parties?


To find out, here's you a peek inside some of the most expensive celebrity parties of the year.