13 Vegan Rice-Cooker Recipes That Aren’t Just Rice

13 Vegan Rice-Cooker Recipes That Aren’t Just Rice
From www.peta.org, by Nedelle Torrisi

13 Vegan Rice-Cooker Recipes That Aren’t Just Rice

Rice cookers can do so much more than just make rice. (No offense to rice intended, of course, because it’s delicious.)

Here are 13 mouthwatering vegan recipes that you can make with this multipurpose appliance:

1. Banana Bread Oatmeal

Everyone loves banana bread, which is why this banana bread oatmeal by Oh My Veggies is a brilliant idea. With just a few healthy ingredients like cinnamon, maple syrup, and bananas, it’s really a vegan breakfast of champions.

Banana Bread Oatmeal© Putlock at Oh My Veggies

2. Pasta and Veggies

This Veggie Primer recipe is so easy that you can pretty much toss the ingredients into the rice cooker and go about your business. After just 40 minutes, you’ll have a vegan feast waiting for you.

Rice-Cooker-Pasta-and-Veggies© Veggie Primer

3. Chocolate Cake

How gorgeous is this cake? All you need are a few key ingredients like dark cocoa powder, flour, and sugar, and your rice cooker will do the rest of the work.

rice-cooker-chocolate-cake© Anniesnomsblog

4. Steamed Veggies with Quinoa and Sesame Ginger Dressing

Feel the power of steamed veggies with this super-healthy recipe by Vegan Yack Attack. Rich with red Inca quinoa, kale, green cabbage, carrots, and green beans, your rice cooker never had it so good.

Steamed veggies and quinoa© Vegan Yack Attack

5. Lentil Bolognese

The lentils in this sauce, courtesy of Veggie Primer, provide a hearty heft, while the peppers, onions, garlic, and spices add a flavorful kick.

Rice-Cooker-Vegan-Lentil-Bolognese© Veggie Primer
6. Vegan Frittata

Chow Vegan hits one out of the park with this guest blog and recipe for Vegan Miam. Chickpea flour, silken tofu, and nutritional yeast help to create the texture of this frittata, which makes a great breakfast or a dinner entrée.

Rice Cooker Vegan Frittata Slice© Chow Vegan

7. Carrot Cake

Rice cooker carrot cake? We can’t even. It’s both a sight and taste to behold, thanks to the vegan baking blog Bakecetera.

Rice Cooker Carrot Cake© Bakecetera

8. Mac and Cheese

Kitchen Gadget Vegan presents this comfort-food favorite, made with melty, rich cashew cheese and traditional elbow macaroni.

rice-cooker-mac-and-cheese© Kitchen Gadget Vegan

9. Mushroom Risotto

You just can’t go wrong with this Italian classic, flavored with white wine, veggie broth, olive oil, and lemon juice, courtesy of Make Real Food.

Rice Cooker Risotto© Make Real Food

10. Kimchee Rice and Beans

You have to love a recipe with only two steps in the instructions. This awesomely healthy bowl by Glue & Glitter is chock-full of avocados, pinto and black beans, and plenty of kimchee.

kimchi rice and beans© Glue and Glitter

11. Rice Pudding

The beauty of rice pudding—this one courtesy of The Tomato Tart—is that you can eat it for dessert, breakfast, or a snack. I mean, really, who’s keeping track?

vegan-rice-pudding© The Tomato Tart

12. Lasagna

Tofu ricotta, shiitake mushrooms, and your choice of kale, spinach, or zucchini make this lasagne by Chow Vegan a hearty multilayered masterpiece.

Rice Cooker Lasagna© Chow Vegan

13. Spiced Lentils and Rice

FatFree Vegan Kitchen serves up this spicy staple dish, with cinnamon and cloves for an extra flavor kick.

spiced-lentils-rice© FatFree Vegan Kitchen

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