A $12,000 Tip at Minnesota Restaurant and More News

In today's Media Mix, ammonia used in baked and chocolate goods, plus salmonella linked to spicy tuna rolls

Ammonia Found in Food Products Beyond 'Pink Slime': After the ammonia-treated product caused an outcry this last month, food producers reveal many baked goods and chocolate products use ammonia — and that it's not as bad for you as you think. [Reuters]

$12,000 left at Minnesota Restaurant: A waitress at the Fryin' Pan in Moorehead, MN found a takeout box (from another restaurant) filled with rols of cash. Police later said the dough would be held in a drug investigation. [Associated Press]

Americans Getting Enough Nutrients: A new report from the CDC shows that despite Americans' unhealthy diets, they are getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients. However, deficiency rates varied by peoples' race, age, and gender; African-Americans, for example, showed to be deficient in vitamin D. [MSNBC]

Spicy Tuna Roll? No Thanks: The popular sushi roll may be the cause behind a salmonella outbreak, infecting more than 90 people in 19 states. [CNN]

Coffee, Exercise Decrease Risk of Skin Cancer: A study (conducted on mice) found that the subjects who had more caffeine worked out more, and had lower incidences of skin cancer. The reason? Less fat tissue means less inflammation, a primary cause of skin cancer. [Fox News]