12 Ways to Use Watermelon and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, new dips for your fries, plus perfect potato gnocchi

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

NY Mag
Alex Stupak shares his recipe for green onion salad. Just don't kiss anyone after.

LA Times
Try some new dips for those fries, like a peach pineapple ketchup (say what?).

NY Times
There is so much pink on this 12-recipe watermelon spread, we can't choose one to start with (but maybe start with the watermelon drinks column because it's Friday?).

SF Chronicle
Spice up your jams with some vanilla and tarragon.

A vegetarian sandwich with some crunchy peanut butter might just change your world.

Chicago Tribune
Shrimp tacos. That is all (subscription required).

Seattle Times
Grapes and goat cheese make a suprisingly sweet and tangy summertime slaw.

Kitchen Daily
Eggs Benedict might be a savory brunch meal, but this recipe calls for an additional strawberry lemon sauce to brighten the palate.

Portland Press Herald
The easiest salsa ever made with canned tomatoes and a touch of agave.

Washington Post
The fluffiest, lightest gnocchi to serve all year long, made with the magic ingredient, "00" flour.


Wall Street Journal
Summer is nothing without street corn, and this deconstructed street corn recipe sprinkled with Parmesan and mint is perfect.