12 Vegetarian Dishes Worth Traveling For

From gazpacho to bunny chow, these vegetarian meals beckon from around the globe

Food and travel go hand in hand. At first sight, it may appear that being a vegetarian limits where you can eat and travel to. But in fact, there is an entire niche market that has developed around vegetarianism. Not only are there destinations that are specifically rich in veggie foods, but there are also countries that may on the surface seem to be meat-heavy, but in fact offer plenty of lesser-known vegetarian dishes. Whether you are vegetarian or not, here is a selection of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes that represent different local cuisines from all over the world.

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Spanish cuisine may conjure thoughts of jamón and grilled meats, but one of Spain’s most famous dishes is cool, refreshing, and vegetarian gazpacho. Its roots date back to ancient times, possibly to the time when the Moors arrived in Spain or to the time of the Romans and their addition of vinegar. In Spain, gazpacho became part of the cuisine of Andalucia, especially Córdoba and Sevilla, but these days, you can get great gazpacho in almost all Spanish cities and towns. Then, it’s easy to see how Thailand is a vegetarian-friendly country, particularly with dishes like massaman tofu curry. Also called red curry, it’s commonly made with beef but is often substituted by tofu, and in vegetarian versions, the fish sauce is omitted.

Similarly, South American arepas, popular in Colombia, Venezuela, and other Spanish-speaking countries to the south, are flat, round, unleavened patties made of cornmeal or flour. The most typical flavors are savory, with common vegetarian fillings including eggs, tomatoes, cheese, or salad, though there are sweet arepas too, which are topped with honey. From France to China and Indonesia to Turkey, many countries around the world welcome vegetarians with open arms and mouthwatering dishes.


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