12 Unbelievable Penthouse Suites

Sumptuous suites dripping with every last amenity

Bulgari Villa

As you glide into the elevator and tap that exclusive “PH” button, the doors close and don’t open again until you’re on the top floor. And when they do open, it’s onto a spectacular eyeful of a suite complete with multiple bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a stocked bar, full kitchen, dining room, and a glistening pool (or maybe a steam room in the bathroom... you get the idea). Penthouse suites are one of the most classic examples of luxury — a level of opulence that has really never died. There is a glamour that comes with pushing the elevator button, with writing PH on the poolside café bill after lunch, or not leaving your 2,000-square-foot room all weekend.

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Some are multi-level, some have enormous outdoor spaces and come with private pools, and still others have well-stocked private wine cellars and bars. But what they all have in common is that they offer the ultimate jet-setting indulgence. The One & Only Resort in Cape Town, for example, boasts an oversized terrace complete with private pool, unparalleled views of Table Mountain, and even custom scent and pillow menus for the room. And the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont in San Francisco boasts its own private library, an art collection, and 24-hour room service options like Dungeness crab chowder.

There is a private wine cellar for the Penthouse Suite at the Rome Cavalieri, while the staff at Las Ventanas will set up a full bedroom beneath the stars on the terrace of their lavish Ty Warner Penthouse Suite. No matter what your whim, it’s taken care of in a penthouse suite, whether it’s a creature comfort readily available or something that the suite’s 24-hour butler can accommodate. And while we’re sure hotels aren’t purposefully trying to outdo each other, these penthouses have lists of amenities that seem endless, making the financial investment worth it for their pampered guests. Because who wouldn’t enjoy a moment in a private meditation pergola before sneaking into your own private cinema?