13 Cuisines Surprisingly Far From Home

As long as people have been moving around the globe, their food traditions have followed

Zaika is one of London’s first Indian restaurants to receive a Michelin star.

Food is one of the most basic ways to experience another culture. It is also one of the most transportable. 

As long as populations have been migrating around the globe, they’ve largely held onto their native cuisines in their new homes. Take Italians bringing pizza to New York as an example. Continuing a culinary tradition in a new location may mean adapting it ("New York-style" pizza), but as different groups establish themselves in new settings, it seems that their food traditions do so as well. 

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In addition to pizza in New York, there are other well-known examples of this trend: Indian food in London, Chinese food in Vancouver, and Korean food in Los Angeles, to name a few.  

Since we live in an increasingly globalized world, there are also emerging and lesser-known examples that we’ve rounded up here. After all, it's not every day that the American Midwest is noted for its emerging East African restaurant scene.

Check out our slideshow to read about some of the world’s greatest cuisines that have established themselves in places that you might not expect. 


This story is an update of a previous article by Michelle Kiefer.