11 Ways to Green Your Kitchen

Go green at home with these easy steps

Natural Kitchen Cleaners

Kitchens can be a wonderful source of joy and relaxation, as cooks prepare meals for themselves, friends, and family. But in reality, they are often overcrowded, disorganized, and much smaller than we’d all like. So instead of keeping your kitchen in its current state, try to give it a makeover — in the green sense of the word.

Spring cleaning is in full force (or is on the to-do list, at least), and making simple swap outs or changes in the kitchen can not only help decrease the amount of items in your cabinets, but also lessen the impact you’re making on the Earth.

From purchasing eco-friendly cookware to avoiding paper towels and taking advantage of common kitchen staples for industrial cleaners, there’s a lot that can easily be done to "green" the kitchen. Though they may not seem significant at the time, little steps and changes can make a big difference over time, especially as more and more people begin to adopt green practices.

Check out these ideas, including tips from Mary Moppins, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Cleaning, on how to use common kitchen items as cleaners. 

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