11 Ways to Get Boozy on the Beach

Summer. A time for fun, beaches and most importantly booze. Unfortunately, most beaches don’t allow alcohol (meaning you have to make a choice between fun and booze while on the beach). Instead of taking the risk of getting slammed with fines and having to dump out your drink while the cops watch, use these incognito tricks  to really enjoy your time on the beach.

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1. Vodka Gummy Bears

These little guys are tried and true. All you need to make these chewy treats are some gummy bears, a container and of course, vodka. Put the bears in the container and pour in the vodka until there is just enough to cover the bears. Usually it takes about two days of soaking to get these little guys seeing double. And the biggest plus? When you’re on the beach, all you seem to have is a tasty snack.

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2. Watermelon Tequila Wedges

Who would ever think that fruit could get you tipsy? No one. That’s why these wedges are perfect to sneak some tequila onto the beach. Soak the watermelon in tequila, triple sec and some lime juice and let it sit for 20 min. Then put the tequila soaked watermelon onto wooden skewers and pop them in the freezer for two hours. If you like things a little sweeter, dip the tips of the watermelon in some sugar. Get your daily serving of fruit and a cocktail all in one tasty (and sneaky) snack. Get the recipe here. 

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3. A Sun Screen Flask

Yes, this does exist. And yes, it is the best invention for the beach — ever. These are relatively cheap (only about $10) and are completely worth purchasing. A word of advice: Try to discreetly pour your alcohol out of this flask into a cup before sipping to avoid looking like that weirdo two towels down, drinking sun screen. Add it to your beach bag here.

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4. Strawberry Margarita Popsicle

These are incredibly quick and easy to make. Mike’s Hard Lemonade makes a strawberry margarita drink, try using this or a similar malt liquor because it is easier to freeze than vodka. Use Dixie cups as your popsicle mold — fill the cup about 3/4 of the way up. Freeze for two hours, put the popsicle sticks in, then put the pops back in the freezer for another two hours. Some salt around the edges and a lime slice garnish really make this popsicle perfect. Get the recipe here. 

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5. Bourbon Cherries

Summer is cherry season so why not liquor them up. These take a while to soak up the booze so make sure you plan ahead. If you have the motivation though, these guys pack an incredible punch. And who would suspect the perfect summer fruit to be getting you perfectly drunk? Learn how to make these here.

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6. Can Covers

It’s just soda right? To the beach cop, maybe, but to you it’s your favorite beer. These are really easy to make for yourself at home from extra cans laying around the house. Time to take recycling to a whole new level. Learn how to make one here.

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7. Lemon Jello Shots

Put these guys in a drink, relax and you have yourself a cocktail. All you have to do is shell out a lemon, add your jello and booze mix and let them cool. These little wedges are easy to just take a bite out of or put in your drink without anyone ever knowing you’re getting tipsy. Get the full recipe as well as other creative jello shot ideas here.

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8. Cupcakes

You read that right, cupcakes. This one happens to be an appletini cupcake but if you search other boozy cupcake recipes on the web, you will certainly not be disappointed. With everything from beer to vodka, there are plenty of cupcake creations to try.  Get this recipe and other great ideas here.

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9. Flip Flop Flask

Yet another covert flask. This particular model is extremely convenient for the beach, since you don’t  have to carry it, just wear it! Careful though, these have the potential to get a lot of sand in not only your shoes but your booze too. Get them here.

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10. In Your Food

It may be a stretch but its still really tasty. Beer Mac ‘n Cheese is basically heaven on earth. It may not be the first choice for the beach but this is a classic “don’t diss it till you try it” situation. It’s perfect for a dinner on the beach just after the sun goes down. Learn how to make it here.

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11. Mint Infused Ice Cubes

Warning: these are only for the hardcore boozy beach-goers. Right about now I can imagine you’re thinking, ” but alcohol doesn’t freeze!” Alas, when there’s a will, there’s a way. The trick? Use a stainless steel ice cube tray, rum and lots of mint. These will take a while to freeze but are so worth it. Add them to club soda with lime juice, sugar and boom. You have yourself a sneaky mojito. Get the steps here.

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