11 Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs Without Dye

Tis' the season of pastel colors, bunny candies, rainbows of jelly beans, springtime rebirth, and rejuvenation. It's a celebration after the darkness of Lenten deprivation. We eat lamb and coconut cake, dress up for church in white patent leather and big hats, and assemble Easter baskets. Of course, occasionally sneaking marshmallow Peeps while no one is watching.

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The Easter Bunny arrives overnight, leaving delicious treats, fun trinkets, and Cadbury eggs. Kids spend Easter Sunday on a perpetual sugar high, hunting for those neon-colored eggs hidden by moms and dads, picking plastic grass out of their hair and eating as many springtime candies as possible.

And to top it off, we decorate Easter eggs. Even before Christians adopted the Pagan symbol, eggs were associated with all things springtime, like fertility and rebirth. To Christians, eggs represent the resurrection of Jesus, a reminder that he rose from the grave. Decorating the eggs for Eastertide has been a tradition for centuries as well.

Despite the symbolism being uplifting, the dyeing of eggs can be another story. Remember the tedious task of dyeing those boiled eggs and that vinegary smell as the PAAS color tablets sizzle and dissolve, or the mishmash of vessels that hold the little pools of colored liquid and the hours of scrubbing the dye off fingertips and countertops? Those are days some of us would rather forget.

Now, there are myriad kits for dyeing eggs, including tie-dye tips and moustaches. Sometimes you want to just skip the mess of dyeing the eggs altogether and get straight to the decorating. There are many creative DIY ways to make decorating Easter eggs your own, from using chalkboard paint and chalk to temporary tattoos or yarn to give the shells a festive flourish.

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