11 Ultra-Romantic Tables for 2

These date-night worthy tables are perfect during vacation

Yep, this view paints a perfect date night for us.

Date night — while perfectly romantic in theory — when executed, doesn't always turn out that way.

However, when the table is set for you, the view is picturesque, the lighting perfect, and the fare even better, the ideal evening is created instantly.

When you're at home, planning a great evening is no easy task. If you're on vacation though, someone else is setting the scene.

Take a Look at These Amazing Tables for Two

The phrase “a table for two” has been the inspiration for songs, titles of masterpieces, and memories that are etched into couples’ indelible memories.

From quiet settings along the beach or on the deck of a boat, to unique experiences with wildlife and the thunderous roar of majestic waterfalls, we bring you some of the most romantic spots around the globe.

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From a mountain view picnic, cocktails aboard a yacht, or a stunning dinner under the stars, those memorable moments for two will leave you speechless and starved.