11 Great Winter Dates

Winter is fully upon us, and as these days we're buried under three layers of clothes when we travel to and from our homes, we are forced to think creatively about how to spend time with our better halves other than sitting at home under the covers.

Keep warm this winter with these creative winter dates!

In the spring and summer, our calendars are marked with picnics in the park, sidewalk café lunches, and lazy days at the beach. But just because the temperature has dropped and the snow is starting to fall doesn't mean we have to stop having fun.

Winter is a perfect season for quality couple time, with its romantic snowy settings, ideal cuddling opportunities, and frozen bodies of water (ice-skating, anyone?).

There are plenty of date ideas to go around so you don't go stir-crazy indoors and cause a potential fight.

If you like the sound of a great winter date but are at a loss for ideas, no worries — we have plenty of romantics on staff that have you covered.