10 Awesome Things Food Bloggers Did in 2011

We've rounded up the year in blogs

Let’s be honest here: There are too many food blogs out there to keep track of. There are the amazing recipe blogs that make our stomachs grumble, video web sites that taught us how to reheat pizza with a crispy crust, and intense documentaries about people who help produce the food we love.

So here it is, in no particular order, 10 awesome things that food bloggers did this year. Whether it's dedicating a year to a single movie, literally eating worms, or keeping us informed about White House food, we've highlighted the best of the blogs in 2011.

We’re not saying that the other cookie recipes, In-N-Out reviews, and food-music pairings were bad; we’re just saying that these bloggers did some pretty darn amazing things.

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