10 Secrets to Making Perfect Rice

How to make perfect rice

10 Secrets to Making Perfect Rice

The basics of making rice are easy to learn. Most recipes require only some variation of water and rice, and can be prepared in about 30 minutes. If you're starting from scratch, click here for a recipe that will get you started. Far more challenging is to make the kind of rice that is unbeatable — the rice that will have people around the dinner table asking, "How did you make this taste so good?"

10 Secrets to Making Perfect Rice (Slideshow)

The simplest of dishes are often the ones that must be prepared in the most artful of ways. While making rice may seem like a basic task in the kitchen, breaking down the process into steps can help you see the places where improvement might be possible. In Japan, sushi apprentices often learn their craft by making rice for many years before moving on to preparing fish. Click on the slideshow below to see how, with a few tips we’ve provided, you can make your next serving of rice the best one yet.

More than putting water into a pot and adding rice, the washing, cooking, timing, and method of preparation all play a critical role in determining how forgettable, or unforgettable, your rice will be. Next time you cook rice, avoid stirring the contents while it cooks. When the rice is finished cooking, be sure to remove the rice immediately from the pot or slow cooker to ensure that it does not overcook.


It is important to note that one person's perfect rice plate may not be perfect for someone else. There are many varieties of rice, each with specific guidelines for preparation. Picking up a strain of rice that is unfamiliar to you next time you're in the grocery store may yield surprising results.