10 Quick And Easy Vegetarian Recipes

With hundreds of recipes for chicken, beef, and pork, it seems like vegetarian dishes are somewhat neglected. Although protein is part of a balanced diet and The Daily Meal editors certainly indulge in burgers and ribs, there are many vegetarian dishes worth trying. Even if you're not up for making your entire meal vegetarian, there are plenty of side dish options that will leave you satisfied.

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Spicing up a vegetarian dish and making it tasty for the whole family is easy with the right ingredients. By adding Southwestern flavors or spicy Asian flare, vegetable-heavy dishes are given a delicious makeover. From salads with hearty ingredients like beans and grains to sweet potatoes with cheese and nuts, it's all about mixing healthy and flavorful ingredients to create a mouthwatering vegetarian dish.

Legumes not only leave you satisfied, but they don't weigh you down like some heavy and rich proteins. Who knew biting into a juicy black bean burger could rival a beef patty? And adding beans and lentils to soups is another way to get the most out of vegetarian dishes. It's the simple tricks like adding lime zest or curry powder that take vegetarian meals to new delicious levels.

Whether you are making a meal or a side dish, try a healthy and flavorful vegetarian option — and see how delicious they can be. Take a few tips from these recipes and incorporate more vegetables, legumes, and grains into your weeknight meals.

Emily Jacobs is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes

Originally published 8/28/2013