The 10 Most Expensive Pints Of Ice Cream

The journey down the ice cream aisle is a long and complicated road when you have a sweet tooth. Choices ranging from basic store brand vanilla to artisanal boozy sorbet crowd supermarket shelves these days, and not just at Whole Foods. More and more, high dollar and high quality 'super premium' products are showing up in our regular supermarket freezer sections. Small producers are also showing a strong online sales presence, serving their far-away fans with mail order services. If these ice creams all have one thing in common, it's the fact that they're quite expensive, oftentimes upwards of $10 per pint. From a Philadelphia gelato shop to a 'milk of the month club' in New York, we've rounded up the top ten most expensive ice creams on the market today.

The 10 Most Expensive Pints of Ice Cream (Slideshow)

Are the high price tags worth it? What exactly are we paying for? You might notice the term "super premium" on your ice cream pint and that's your first clue. Super premium ice creams have less air whipped into them during the freezing process, which results in more, denser ice cream in your pint. These super premium treats also tend to contain higher quality ingredients, a higher butterfat percentage (between 13% and 17%, which produces a creamier texture), and are manufactured in smaller batches. 

So with all of these premium perks, you'll end up paying more for premium ice cream. That's a given. But some of the options out there are crazy expensive, even keeping these facts in mind. We've rounded up the most expensive ones around, and also let you know how to get them shipped to your door if they're not available in retail shops.

Let's be honest, who wouldn't go to extremes for their favorite ice cream? Whether it's a custom pint with your favorite mix-in's, or a pricey ice cream subscription (get on the waiting list now, there are thousands ahead of you), we've got you covered. Click here to learn which pints of ice cream are America's most expensive.