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10 Lavish Athlete Parties Slideshow

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The Love Boat

When you’re an NBA champion and gold medalist at 22 years old, why not ring in your next birth year with two grandiose parties? Thanks to Twitter reporting, James Harden first hosted an '80s Themed skate party, complete with themed costumes and gorgeous guests. His second bash was slightly higher scale, featuring an all-white yacht party, complete with with hot shot celebrity guests Eric Maynor, Kevin Durant, J.R. Smith, and possibly P. Diddy. With gallons of Ciroc in a party of movie-like proportions, this yacht bash was surely no small economic feat, though there are no reported figures available.

Party Like a “Baller”: If you want to throw a successful Harden-esque all-white party, then avoid faux pas like finger foods, dangerous sauces and dark-colored beverages.