10 Kinds Of Breakfast Meetings And Where To Have Them

From www.theinfatuation.com by Hillary Reinsberg
10 Kinds Of Breakfast Meetings And Where To Have Them


Whether you consider yourself a “breakfast person” or not, there will inevitably come a time when you will be tasked with picking a destination for a morning meetup over food.

Instead of getting angry and trying to pronounce Le Pain Quotidien to your friends or colleagues, consult this handy guide, designed to help you find the right spot for any breakfast situation.


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The Power Breakfast, Also Known As Eggs With People Older Than You:
The National

When you need to do a real deal, midtown suit breakfast, do it at The National. It’ll fit the bill, and the bill won’t be as high as it would have been at Norma’s.

557 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022

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The 11am Breakfast, Because That’s What Time You Think Breakfast Happens:
The Smile

Well, someone is up early today. Guessing you have to be at a photo shoot or casting call at 1? Start the day at The Smile with a balanced breakfast and probably a cigarette.

26 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

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Breakfast With Visiting Europeans:

The room is adorable but also uncomfortable, it’s always packed, the service sucks, and the food is excellent. Your friends should feel right at home. Have some steamed eggs with prosciutto.

42 Grove St., New York, NY 10014

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The Breakfast For When You Need To Make An Uptown/Downtown Compromise:
Cafe El Presidente

Excellent breakfast tacos, fresh juices, and a whole bunch of other stuff, above 23rd Street? In a space that’s actually really nice? Such a place does exist, and it’s apparently run by the president.

30 W 24th St., New York, NY 10010

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The Pow-Wow Before That Big Meeting Breakfast:
The Little Beet

When you need to assemble your team or just assemble your lineup of puppets before that big presentation, Little Beet is where to do it. There’s healthy stuff, but also egg sandwiches and doughnuts. What? You don’t use puppets in your business pitches? You’re doing it wrong.

135 W 50th St., New York, NY 10020

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Breakfast For People Who Are Visiting From Out Of Town But Know How To Leave Times Square:

If you fit into this category, you’ve probably been to Balthazar 40 times. Lafayette will keep you well within your comfort zone, and basically in the same neighborhood, but with something a little newer. Morning is the best time to come here, when the room is filled with natural light and pastries.

380 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10003

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The Sorry, I Actually Really Do Need To Stay In Times Square Breakfast:
The Lambs Club

One of the rare restaurants we actually like in Times Square. If you’re going to really go for it, go for it.

132 W. 44th St., New York, NY 10036

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The Way Downtown Because They Just Moved Your Entire Office Here Breakfast:
Little Park

Attention, Conde Nast editors: meet your friend Little Park, located in the southern part of Tribeca, and close to the Freedom Tower. It has both the fancy hotel lobby feel and the egg white frittata to seal the deal.

85 W. Broadway, New York, NY 10007

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The Breakfast With Your Startup Friend Who Just Moved Their Office To DUMBO:
Archway Cafe

This list is admittedly Manhattan (and even midtown) heavy, because that’s frankly where most offices are. If business brings you to meet up with someone who’s working out of a DUMBO loft, this is a solid spot with a mix of breakfast options, from house cured gravlox to avocado toast. You’ll also probably be depressed after you get back to your midtown cube. (Sorry.)

57 Pearl St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

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The Perfect For Pretty Much Everything Breakfast, Even If Breakfast Happens at 3am

Not looking to step on any toes? Do it at this 24 hour French bistro. It’s neither uptown nor downtown, and neither all-out baller or super casual. A utility player. Having a Jennifer Garner of restaurants in your arsenal can be useful when it comes to breakfast.

249 Park Ave. S., New York, NY 10003