10 Irish-Themed Parties

St. Patrick's mission to bring Christianity to the Emerald Isle sealed his legacy as Ireland's patron saint and most celebrated icon. And though the religious holiday in his honor has evolved in America into an international party day, there is no reason you can't host a shindig that nods to Ireland's fun traditions.

Let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day with These Great Party Ideas!

You and all of your friends have most likely been going to and hosting the same St. Patrick's Day party for years, undoubtedly featuring loads of beer, silly decorations, and obnoxiously green outfits. While admittedly all three of those are part of the charm this holiday has to offer, they do not have to be the focal point of your event.

Carefully selecting Irish craft beers and altering the lighting can create a great atmosphere for a pub crawl party. Or, if you are tired of the "Kiss Me I'm Irish" T-shirts, have guests arrive in creative costumes that depict known Celtic mythological creatures.

From focusing on the folklore of the shamrock to a party that celebrates your favorite Irish whiskey, your St. Patrick 's Day party is sure to be anything but a bunch of blarney with these themed bashes.