10 Iconic Boardwalk Eats

Taffy, hot dogs, and fried dough are throwback summer eats on boardwalks from coast to coast  

As the summer comes to a close, sun seekers continue to head down to the shore to catch their last few rays before the leaves start turning. The boardwalks fill up with passersby, tired and lazy from the day’s activities, and the inevitable question percolates on everyone’s mind. “What should we eat today?” The coastlines of America are stocked with local flavors and unique ingredients, making each boardwalk a sensory delight of sights, smells, and of course, taste.

Although its beaches are not as exotic as its western cousin’s, the Northeast region of America contains some of the most time honored beach-going treats. For a truly classic taste of East Coast summer, visit the Coney Island’s original outpost of Nathan’s Famous, a hot dog so venerated that Barbara Streisand once shipped dozens all the way to London. Politicians and royalty alike have tasted these dogs and no trip to Coney Island is complete without one.

For a more unique boardwalk snack, try New Hampshire’s Fried Dough at Hampton Beach. Blink’s Fry Dough serves up a staggering array of flavors and you can combine your favorites to create the ultimate doughy delight. Feeling too hot for something fried? Try Kohr’s Bros. Frozen Custard. What started as an expansion of a dairy farm, this family recipe has been tested to perfection to create their iconic blend of low fat content with over 15 creamy flavors.

On the other coast, head to Newport Beach for a late night snack at Jane’s Corn Dogs. Open until 2:30 a.m., this local hotspot attracts a mixed crowd, from families sharing a large plate of chili cheese fries during the day, to hard partying teens looking for sustenance at the end of a long night.  
Whatever your particular craving, boardwalks from coast to coast are comfort food meccas, with generations of family recipes being served up under the sun.

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