10 Hearty and Delicious Chicken Slow Cooker Recipes

Make dinner delicious with these tasty recipes
Slow Cooker Dinners

These simple chicken recipes aim to please.

The slow cooker became the busy parent’s best friend. The ability to “set it and forget it” meant less time scrambling (figuratively and literally) over the stove for dinner and more time with the family. Over the decades, the “Crock-Pot” became a must-have appliance for families. But for years, many thought that the slow cooker was only good for stews and soups. And while they are incredibly useful for those hearty dishes, the slow cooker was meant for so much more.

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And when you need classic slow-cooked comfort foods you have to turn to chicken. Chicken is one of the ultimate comfort foods; used for soups, stews of course, but implemented in so many other creative and tasty ways. Put it in a slow cooker and any intimate dinner party will feel like a Sunday dinner at Mom’s. This collection of recipes appeals to chicken lovers of all varieties, we and guarantee you’ll find something worth slow— cooking for every day of the week!

Use these recipes to pull off the perfect dinner party or to simply make your Tuesday night a little less insane. The only trouble you’ll have with this collection is deciding which chicken dish to make first.

Slow Cooker Roast Chicken

roasted chicken

A roasted chicken is an instant Sunday dinner classic. But if you don’t want to spend your weekend slaving over a hot stove all day, pop this chicken recipe in the slow cooker for that perfect Sunday dinner taste.

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Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

chicken tacos

This chicken taco recipe will soon be one of your favorite quick and easy dinners because of its effortless process with the Crock-Pot. It takes less than five minutes to put the ingredients in the pot, and six hours later you'll have a delicious shredded chicken taco.

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