10 Golden Globe Nominee-Inspired Cocktails

Drinks that take cue from some of this year's top films and TV shows.
10 Golden Globe Nominee-Inspired Cocktails
Russian Standard Vodka

If you're planning on watching the Golden Globes this Sunday, we recommend you take in the ceremony with a few cocktails inspired by this year's nominees. Rooting for 30 Rock? Make it a craft ice cocktail where the rocks are the star. Can't believe Burlesque was nominated? Try a cocktail with a sexy name to take the edge off. And if you consider yourself a major "Gleek," go for one of the many cocktails that share a name with a popular karaoke song.

Check out the list below for more movie and TV-inspired drinks.


127 Hours: Bleeding Mary

A fitting cocktail for a film with one hell of a bloody scene.


Mad Men: Manhattan

Don Draper may be a three-martini lunch and Scotch, well, anytime, kind of guy, but this show is all about New York. What cocktail to better represent it than the classic Manhattan?


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: "New Way" Dirty Martini

Because even in the new millenium, Gordon Gekko still doesn't play fair. Toast to Michael Douglas' nod with this molecular cocktail from Jose Andres' The Bazaar in L.A.


Black Swan: The Seductive Swan

A muddled blackberry and vodka combination that channels the deuling personnalities of Natalie Portman's conflicted character.


Dexter: Michele's Killer Margaritas

These margaritas are killer in a good way — like the show's main character, you might say.


The Fighter: Martha Washington's Punch

A modern punch to honor Wahlberg's character's "head-body-head-body" technique.


Boardwalk Empire: Sidecar 9 Cocktail

Celebrate the nomination of this Prohibition-era hit show with what some consider to be the defining cocktail of the time. This updated version calls for bourbon and passion fruit purée.


The Tourist: Newgroni

A modern take on the classic Italian Negroni you can enjoy as much as the critics' enjoyed Jolie's and Depp's performances.


Hawaii Five-O: My Oh My Ty

Rooting for the underdog is a great excuse to indulge in this revamped tiki classic.


Winter's Bone: Douglas Fir Needle Vodka

The flavor of this cocktail, featuring pine-infused vodka, will have you thinking of the movie's forest setting.