10 Expensive Tasting Menus That Are Worth Every Penny

For today's foodies, exploring the tasting menu at a trendy restaurant is the ultimate indulgence.Chefs have attained an exalted (often celebrity) status among food lovers, and for many, there is no more exciting experience than being entirely in the hands of culinary masters.

Sushi chefs have long served "Omakase" (chef's choice) menus where diners enjoy a variety of high-quality seafood preparations entirely at the chef's discretion.

See The 10 Most Expensive Tasting Menus That Are Worth Every Penny

Today, tasting menus, which often come with an exorbitant price tag, afford foodthusiasts the opportunity to sample numerous expertly curated "tastes" throughout many courses. Here, we've rounded up 10 restaurants that feature come of the most expensive—and satisfying—tasting menus.

-Leah Bhabha, Lifestyle Mirror


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