10 Crazy Food Finds From New York’s Fancy Food Show

The offerings this year ranged from sane to insane
Dan Myers

Kin-Dee Instant Sticky Rice with Durian and Coconut Milk was one of the more interesting offerings this year.

The Fancy Food Show took over New York’s monstrous Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from June 30 to July 2, and was nothing short of overwhelming. Thousands of food producers and distributors from all around the world gathered to showcase their wares. The sprawling convention hall was packed to the gills with just about every type of food imaginable: the upstairs was taken over by specialty food producers like cheesemakers and companies selling salumi and gourmet candies, along with large areas devoted to the food of individual countries, and the lower level saw just about every state represented, with products from local producers.

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The goal of the trade show was to introduce these products not only to distributors who might be interested in taking these products on board, but also to the general public; it’s a way to enter the culinary conversation. For about $3,000, food companies could set up shop in a little booth and tell their story to all who passed by.

For some, that story was about how cheese is produced, how the candy was made, or the inspiration behind an otherwise everyday food item. For others, though, things got a little weird. Not in a bad way; just in the fact that there were more than a few products on display that left us scratching our heads, saying "wow," or otherwise not really knowing what to make of it. Again, in the best way possible. Some foods we encountered were ones we had no idea existed, others were recent inventions that may (or may not) become popular food items. Still others were simply… crazy.


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