10 Crazy Food Faces Slideshow


Wink, Wink

Your breakfast gives you a knowing look. Wink, wink.... it seems to be in on the joke. Here's to hoping the joke's not on you!

Vegetables Have Faces Too

To all the people out there who don't eat foods that come from things that have had faces... now what?

Plate Faces

The guy on the left must have shaved his mustache this morning. Or did an eager diner just save him the trouble?

Good Morning!

You sure are happy to get your hands on that first cup of coffee in the morning. Now it's happy to see you too!

Mr. Potato Eyes

He's hiding something behind that smirk... there's only room for one potato face in this town.

Mystical Pig Reincarnated On Toast!

You've heard of those pieces of toast that people have claimed feature Jesus, or the Virgin Mary. Well, here's Wilbur, or that roast suckling pig you ate last night for dinner, reincarnated on your breakfast toast.

An Apple a Day Scares the Doctor Away

With a face like this, the doctor isn't the only person that will stay away. 

Sandwich Enthusiam

This guy looks downright excited to have been made into lunch. Hopefully that gusto will translate to the taste.

Look Deep Into My Eyes...

Look deep into my eyes... and you'll know how I really feel about being your dinner.

Mad Cow

These hamburgers look slightly dubious about becoming someone else's meal. But hey, who wouldn't want to give up that hairdo?