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Another Eataly Headed to 4 World Trade Center

Eataly will reportedly set up a second New York City location when it joins several luxury retailers as part of the upcoming marketplace slated for 4 World Trade Center, according to The New York... read more

Wine Sold For $100,000 May Be a Fraud

This is certainly something to wine about. Atlanta real estate developer Julian LeCraw has sued the Antique Wine Company for selling him some very expensive bottles of what he he claims to be... read more

FBI Agent Opens Up Beer Parlor in West Village

Don Borelli has gone from scoping out the bad guys to scoping out the best brews in town.  Borelli is a 30-year veteran of the FBI security and counter-terrorism force, who just recently... read more

San Francisco Wine School Offering Weekend Immersion Program

From April 26th to 28th, the San Francisco Wine School will host an intensive, three-day wine education program on California wines and wine regions. Designed by school founder and master sommelier... read more

Coffee Shop Featured in "Girls" to Bump Out a Starbucks

Move over, iced mocha Frappuccino, it seems that the hipster coffee has won this time around. Café Grumpy, the coffee-connoisseur’s cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, blew up in popularity... read more

Eataly Offers 25 Percent Cut on Wine Before 6-Month Closure

In advance of Eataly Vino’s six-month closure mandated by the State Liquor Authority, the wine shop is offering its entire selection which includes more than a thousand bottles and cases of... read more

Download a Virtual Sommelier onto Your Phone

Who said you had to go to a liquor store to get a great wine recommendation? The Tipsi app, which just launched for the iPhone, acts as a virtual sommelier and picks wine for users from location-... read more

Man Gives Up Food For Lent: You'll Never Guess How He Did It

The Catholic Church encourages its followers to give up a vice, habit, or type of food for Lent in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. But what would Pope Francis think about this guy’s... read more