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Chef Shim Brings Korean Food to NYC Wine & Food Festival

Chef Sungchul Shim wants to show the world how diverse and delicious Korean food can be. Shim knew he was destined to become a chef while in high school in Korea, and after graduating from The... read more

Alinea Warns Diners of Reservation Phishing Scams

Alinea Warns Diners of Reservation Phishing Scams
If you have been trying to snag a reservation at Chicago’s famed Alinea recently, be forewarned: there is a new phishing scam out there that could cause some serious trouble. According to a... read more

5 Best Places in NYC to Buy Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Turkeys

When Thanksgiving morning rolls around, every host has at least a twinge of anxiety about potentially screwing up the main event: the turkey. Undercook it and it’s pink, and everyone is left... read more

NYCWFF: Dale’s Dim Sum Party at Buddakan

Buddakan’s massive, two-story interior was home on Sunday to Dale’s Dim Sum Party, a hip and collaborative interpretation of the Chinese brunch staple, hosted by Dale Talde (Talde, Pork... read more

NYCWFF: Lobster and Champagne at Gotham Bar and Grill

In spite of a recent polarizing op-ed from The New York Times titled “Brunch is for Jerks,” somehow we doubt that brunch is on its last legs, especially in New York City. This weekend... read more

Secrets of a New York Times Food Critic

On Saturday evening, October 18, past and present New York Times food critics gathered at the TheTimesCenter in midtown Manhattan for a panel discussion on the ins and outs of the much envied and... read more

President Obama’s Credit Card Denied at Trendy NY Restaurant

President Obama’s Credit Card Denied at Fancy NY Restaurant
That must have been one uncomfortable situation for their waitress. In a speech to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees on Friday, President Obama explained that last month when he dined... read more

Where are the Most and Least Expensive U.S. Food Cities?

Where are the Most and Least Expensive U.S. Food Cities?
When moving to a new city, most people take into account the cost of rent, the quality of education, and the relative safety of surrounding neighborhoods. But for all you gastronomists out there,... read more