You Won't Believe What People Put on Pizza Around the World (Slideshow)
Crocodile — Sydney, Australia
Cicada Pizza — Missouri, U.S.A
Chocolate — U.K.
Champagne-Soaked Caviar and Gold Flakes — Rome
Full English Breakfast — U.K.
Squid Ink — Washington, D.C.
Banana Curry — Sweden
Python (with Alligator and Frog) — Florida
Baked Beans — U.K.
Cookie Dough Crust with Prawns & Sweet Potato — Korea

Crocodile — Sydney, Australia

Crocodile pizza and crocodile bread are quite popular in Australia… in fact, as an abundant local meat, crocodile is often consumed in various dishes. If you fancy, there are also kangaroo and emu pizza toppings on offer at select eateries around the country. No word on Crocodile Dundee’s involvement in this creation!