Yet Con Restaurant

Row 1

25 Purvis St.
Singapore, 188602

Foursquare Tips

  • The chicken here is NOT overrated. It's authentic old school Hainanese style, served cold & dry without soy sauce. This serving style is very hard to find nowadays. It rocks!
  • Go in the afternoons if you prefer a quiet peaceful meal. Let the marble tabletops and brown wooden chairs work its charm on you. Chicken and steamboat, simple fare but simply delicious.
  • the chicken rice here is good!!
  • Roast Pork is nice!
  • Get menu from the uncle but order from the aunties. He's not the friendliest person around. Very Hainan.
  • Absolutely average chicken rice. Not worth to come
  • this place is worth visiting if you want to take a step back in time to experience Haininese cusine and Singapore dining back in the 70's
  • Hainanese pork chop ftw!!
  • Seafood Hor fun is bit watery as compared my last visit.
  • Love e porkchop.... They cook this dish wid potatoes!!!
  • gotta be the best chicken rice:) classic store looks
  • Svc here sucks big tiime! Ckn is flavorful, pls order the back portion of ckn to ensure u dun get the dry parts. Porkchop is soso.
  • Chicken rice here is overrated. The flesh is too dry, chilli lacks punch. Rice is fragrant but could be a bit more moist
  • Old school hainanese chicken rice where most of the flavour is from the chicken skin. Also serves hot pot and zhi char dishes.
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  • Was good. But now only average. Service got terribly worse. If u are unwilling to serve, take a rest or quit. Not expecting excellent service, but a little manners & politeness won't hurt either.
  • Good Hainanese Chicken Rice here. Old style but nice
  • Don't order from the uncle. He only collects $.
  • The chicken, the pork chop, the ginger beef, the steamboat... So many good food and this place is not just about food, the ambiance, the feel and the service, it's classic! I will surely come back.
  • Chicken can be nice but at times dry. Roasted pork is great and roasted the old fashioned way