World’s Best Ice Cream Parlors: Readers’ Picks

You replied and we heard you — here are some of your picks for the world’s best ice cream parlors
In line with their values, The Penny Ice Creamery parlor also serves seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs of the region.

A few weeks back, we ranked the World’s 25 Best Ice Cream Parlors. Narrowing down a world’s worth of shops to this definitive number was certainly a challenge for us, so it was no surprise when we received several reader recommendations for parlors that didn’t make our list.

From Italy to Vancouver, we’ve rounded up several of your recommendations. Some may deserve mentioning because of the ambiance (it certainly doesn’t hurt to be located across from the Trevi Fountain in Rome), others because of their selection of more than 200 flavors, while some just simply serve a delicious scoop. 

Read below to see if your favorite made the follow-up cut. And if your pick still isn’t there? Share it with us — and other readers — by leaving a comment. I think we can agree that more ice cream parlor tips (especially worldwide) is always a good thing. 

  • Vivoli is known for serving the best gelato in Florence, and has been family-owned for generations. You pay by the scoop here, but each scoop can be a different flavor. Cream (like sherbet) and orange are two flavors that are less likely to be found in other stores. Be warned: it can be a bit tricky to find. Having a map handy is highly recommended.
  • If locals brave the crowds near the Trevi Fountain for a scoop of gelato from Blue Ice in Rome, it has to be good. Aside from the common flavors, there are options for vegans as well. It’s great for large groups or for those on a budget. Their caramel crème flavor is an extra-special treat.
  • La Casa Gelato in Vancouver has something that will satisfy everyone. It is the only shop in the world to carry 218 flavors at one location. And that doesn’t even include all their flavors (508 and counting). They carry everything from nonfat, non-dairy, low-fat, and sugar-free options to strange flavors such as corn, curry, blue cheese, dandelion, and wasabi/green apple.
  • Jamaica’s favorite ice cream stand is Devon House I Scream in Kingston. Located in what was originally the home to Jamaica's first black millionaire, this ice cream parlor is now a household name. The 27 flavors range from cherry to pistachio to sour sop. There is even a beer-based ice cream called Devon Stout.
  • Look no further than Nelson’s Ice Cream in Stillwater, Minn., if you want the biggest bang for your buck. Since 1923, Nelson’s has been serving unique flavors such as Superman (blue raspberry, cherry, and vanilla ice creams swirled together) and Pirate’s Booty (caramel ice cream with cookie and M&M pieces and caramel swirl) in addition to the tradition chocolate and rocky road. A child size is as filling as an entire meal. It's served in a small plastic cup filled that is filled to the brim with one flavor, and then topped with just as much of a second flavor.
  • The Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz, Calif., makes their ice cream, sorbet, and treats daily from scratch using organic-certified and sustainably grown ingredients. Their passion for food goes hand-in-hand with their passion for community: visitors are actually invited to take a look "behind the scenes" of their daily production. In line with their values, the parlor also serves seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs of the region. We hear that their apricot chamomile is very rich, creamy, and perfectly sweet.
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