Wildwood Barbeque

225 Park Ave S
New York NY 10003
(212) 533-2500
Reservation OpenTable.com
Categories Food

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Serious Eats
The barbecue is inconsistent here, more than we like, but they do make some of the best beef ribs in town.
Jonathon Storer (@yonafin)
Tends to "run out" of specials.
Jonathon Storer (@yonafin)
No drink specials at tables
Michelle G
Shrimp by the pound is excellent. Basically old bay rubbed and grilled. Deliciousness.
From whole pig out feasts to brisket smoked on site, the critically acclaimed Wildwood BBQ is "superb, moist, tender, smokey & delicious"
Nick Solares
While the 'Cue is the main draw here don't overlook the burger
Working the weekend? Get Wildwood delivered to your office and watch as their food makes everyone happy.
Rachel H
This place is slow as shit.
Gansevoort Hotel Group
Try the rib sampler - it's unreal!!!
Isabelle S.
Try the cornbread, best I've ever had!
Diego Zambrano
It only worths going to have the chili.
The waitresses shirts say "rub me tender" but no touching will be tolerated (trust me).
The Corcoran Group
Cavernous and authentic feeling grill house. Try one of the pit plates…we’d go back for the Best of the Best or the Rib Sampler.
Best part of the BBQ is the actual BBQ sauce. Try the Big Lou brand. Game venue for football games.
Ferna Lord
Get the bottle caps!
rosie siman
Order sweet tea vodka with lemonade and sing along to Sweet Caroline (whoa oh ohhh)
Meryl Cooper
Drink a Cold Ass Beer (yes, that's the name!)
Ben Thoma
The bottle caps are terrific little snacks.
Andrea Allen
Drink a Leinenkugel!
Andrew Allen
The beef rib was larger than my femur and much tastier. Highly recommended.
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