Why Aren't Chocolate Dessert Nachos Everywhere by Now?

Apparently, El Pollo Loco is featuring this as a seasonal dessert item, but really, we should have them every Friday at 2 a.m. sharp
El Pollo Loco

Taco Bell may have launched their churro desserts, but that's probably not on the same level as El Pollo Loco's new chocolate dessert nachos — this menu item just might be up there with Doritos Locos Taco.

According to the nutrition info, these seasonal nachos consist of fried chocolate flour tortillas, topped with a chocolate fudge sauce, marshmallow cream, and powdered sugar. LA Weekly searched far and wide for these hybrid desserts, pronouncing the dish a guilty pleasure. "The chips have a nice crunch and aren't too sweet. But sugar shock enters the picture with the toppings: marshmallow 'crème' and fudge sauce (described on the TV ad as melted Mexican chocolate), generously drizzled over the chips. Then there's a sprinkling of powdered sugar," LA Weekly writes.

The whole dish is some 1,120 calories per serving, for $3.99 a plate. And while this may just be a seasonal creation, we can only imagine the possibiltiies with dessert nachos; Epic Meal Time produced some disturbingly gut-busting candy nachos, but a dusting of cinnamon and some caramelized apples? We're sold.

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