The Western Wall (Kotel) (הכותל המערבי)

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Western Wall Plaza

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  • After the liberation of the Kotel in 1967 a half-million Jews observed the Mitzvah of Tefillin at the Western Wall:
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  • Did you know that the Western Wall is the last remains of the second temple? This is a site that our passengers love to visit!
  • Check out the Western Wall on a Friday at dusk... although you won't be able to take pictures, the Shabbot celebration is truly magical.
  • Don't come in the middle of the night when it's super quiet and almost noone is there - that's my reserved time ;)
  • For me, this was sad view. People spend their time praying, instead of doing something real in their life. Also, women's and men's parts are separated, this is shame such thing exists in 21 century.
  • I prayed here and didn't get any results -- it was like talking to the wall.
  • Energia incrivel esse lugar
  • You can't take photos on Friday afternoon or Saturday because its Shabbat.
  • Pray for Israel and world peace.
  • Stop by the tefillin booth. Send our regards and may all your prayers be answered!
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  • The tour of the underground wall is fascinating
  • no photos allowed on sabbath (saturday), never the less maybe the most impressive time to visit the western wall
  • Place your hands upon the sacred wall and open your heart to what God says!
  • Mens side left corner- there is an area where you can go in that has amazing AC in the back!
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  • The Kotel tunnel tour is a must