We Suki Suki

Row 1

479 Flat Shoals Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 901-6992
Mon–Sun: 11:00 AM–5:00 PM


Foursquare Tips

  • The banh mi is a bargain of French-Vietnamese fusion that comes with the freshness, fills you up, and is packed with enough flavor and crunchy contrast to obliterate almost any fast-food burger.
  • No longer cash only. Fantastic food
  • Vegetarians can enjoy a meatless version of their delicious banh mi sandwiches with both vegetable and tofu (pictured) options available. Don't forget a bubble tea!
  • Q is a very delightful person!
  • First banh mi shop inside the perimeter!
  • Passionate owner. Super fresh ingredients. It's worthy of a 10-15 minute wait. Cash only at this time.
  • The BBQ pork bnh m, served on baguettes, are packed to the brim with sweet pickled daikon and carrots, a dollop of creamy aioli, and jalapeos and Sriracha should you dare to go all the way.
  • A great authentic banh mi, and super friendly owner. Definitely must try.
  • The tofu joint "all the way" is a spicy, delightful lunch. The owner is a hoot!
  • Q runs a great business out of this smaller than average restaurant space. Try an original sandwich with all of the toppings. Be patient because it's usually staffed by one person.
  • Barbecue Banh mi and eggplant Banh mi and milk tea!
  • Everything was great. Pho is only served in Fall and Winter. Getting your banh mi "all the way" does not make it too spicy (if spicy at all).
  • Really awesome place! Seoul Food on Sundays was amazing! Try the kimchi sausage when you go!
  • I loved the eggplant banh mi all the way. Q the owner makes fabulous soups. Ice coffee is super good strong, that's how I like my coffee.
  • Fresh ingredients, made to order. Superb service!
  • BBQ pork bahn mi is legit
  • A lot of people like this place but my sandwich was not to my liking.I did enjoy the bubble juice.
  • phe-fuckin-nominal
  • Try the Classic all the way.