We, The Pizza

305 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington D.C. 20003
(202) 544-4008
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Foursquare Tips
The Hill is Home
Bonus points for spotting the typos in the signs inside! The debate is still going about whether or not this is really "New York-Style"...feel free to weigh in!
Patrick McDermott
There are so many great things about this place but if you are looking for a great slice of pizza, get the Colletti's BBQ, you won't be dissappointed!
Food Network
The eclectic menu here reflects Chef Spike's global culinary influences. Tune-in to The Next Iron Chef, Sundays at 9p|8c, to see him compete against other internationally-esteemed chefs.
Washingtonian Magazine
Pies at this Hill-staffer gathering place are best when leaning toward the creative, including an outstanding barbecue pizza topped with smoky shredded pork, cheddar, and fried onions.
Andrea Bonk
Don't be fooled by the growler special. You can't keep the growler and it's the same price whether you check in on foursquare or not. Thumbs down.
Justin Thorp
Instead of Papa Johns or Dominoes, go here and get a large pie to go. At $16/pie, it's one of the best deals and the pizza is amazing.
Benjamin Boyd
Growled special deal is the exact same as normal price. Lame.
Alissa M
Try the Spicy Mexican Chicken pie. Sooooo good! And really filling.
Reuben Ingber
New special any 2 slices and a specialty drink for $10. Pretty good deal on Capitol Hill.
Awesome cream soda!
Chuq Yang
If you see Spike there, say hi!
Ty Trapps
Order a homemade soda.
Harry Anastopulos
Nice cheese combo, thin yet soft yet crunchy crust! Was surprised by how much I liked this place!
Ryan Winn
Highly recommend going with the Buffalo Chicken Pie and you can't go wrong with the simple cheese! You may even see Spike from Top Chef
Trac Nguyen
you will both savor and regret ordering an entire buffalo chicken pizza
Josei ==> @ShoesNFood www.JetSetDC.com
Spinach & Artichoke pizza #yum
Arugula Files recommends trying the meatball sub. "Nona Colletti's meatballs taste just like an Italian grandmother's meatballs should: light and meaty."
Carrie Epps
The mushroom pizza is too, too good.
WTP is an attempt to create Big Apple pies right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Maybe it will put to rest the debate over whether NYC pizza is all about the water. Officially opens on July 12.
Milo Art
bring a cute boy/girl
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