Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

5741 Buffalo Rd
Harborcreek, PA 16421
(814) 899-6255
Big Box Store
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

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  • Love the pharmacy people.... they will go out of there way to help you out.
  • Always good parking and easy self checkout!!
  • It's Walmart. What else is there to say.
  • Get a Xbox 360 with Skylanders game for $150 or a Leap Frog LeapPad Explorer for $65 (according to Yahoo!) EXP: 11/23/12
  • Everytime I get an oil change it takes over an hour!
  • Better than the ghetto mart. It's Walmart. Not much to tell.
  • The photo center and layaway are the same people and they have no clue. 1 hour is not really one hour...
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