Vierwaldstättersee / Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee)

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Seebecken Luzern
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

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  • I'm on a boat
  • Switzerland's lake Lucerne is among the most scenic lakes in the world where I recommend to take the passenger ship from Lucerne to Brunnen and then Fluelen where you have excellent train connections!
  • If you get a chance to go for Lucerne Fest (it was July 1 this year), it's well worth the trip. Lots of people, good music and great fireworks. Makes a gorgeous place even more fun.
  • Lake Lucerne
  • Wunderschn
  • The scenic beauty of the lake can be discovered on the many different cruises offered by paddlewheel steamers and motor vessels.
  • Rent a motor boat, grab a few beers, and enjoy!
  • Good for honeymoon and shopping
  • Jeder will ein Bodybuilder sein, aber nicht niemand will heben keine schweren Gewichte Arsch !!!!
  • There are plenty of students studying abroad around here, which is great for you. Rent a paddle boat and take it out on the lake. With the mountains and shops in the background, it's breath taking.
  • Nce stroll alongside the Vierwaldsttter See.
  • one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland
  • Muss man gesehen haben, wenn man im Kanton Luzern unterwegs ist.
  • Trs jolie ville qu'est Lucerne, et trs vivante.
  • Charming villages dot this lake that commemorates the beginnings of the Confederatio Helvetica which took place at the Rtli meadows on 1 August 1291.
  • Don't miss the cruise
  • Luzern
  • Try a ship for an hour or two. You can return by train if it would take too long.
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