Unique and Chic Escort Cards

Tell them where to sit — in style
Staff Writer

Steve Steinhardt

Ah, creating the seating chart, how fun of an activity — not.

Here are a few ways to show your guests to their seats.

If you ask any couple — engaged, just married, or married a lifetime — they’ll tell you that the two biggest fights you’ll get into during your wedding planning process will be deciding on a guest list and creating the seating chart.

Think about how many people will be there to see you tie the knot. Now, think about all of these people and how many different groups they break down into — work friends, college friends, childhood friends, bride’s family, groom’s family, singles, couples, kids… and the list goes on.

Just face it: it’s going to be a hassle. Now, while we do have a guide for surviving that uphill battle , we’re bringing you the fun side of the seating arrangements, the escort cards — no longer are paper tents sufficient for telling your guests where to park it.

These days, an escort card is so much more than that.


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