9) Weaver Chicken Breast Tenders from The Ultimate Frozen Chicken Finger Taste Test (Slideshow)

The Ultimate Frozen Chicken Finger Taste Test (Slideshow)

Jane Bruce
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10) Al Safa Chicken Strips

Far and away the least appetizing item we sampled, Al Safa’s halal offering was grayish-brown, mushy, and had a prominent, weird chemical flavor. More than one taster wondered if it was actually chicken, and a look at the ingredients reveals that while the first ingredient is in fact chicken, it’s quickly followed by textured soy protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. The breading is basically just flour and chemicals, and to top it off, it’s absolutely loaded with fat, calories, and sodium. Avoid.

Serving Size: Four strips (4.3 ounces)
Fat: 12 grams
Calories: 271
Sodium: 778 milligrams
Price: $7.99/24 ounces