The Twelve Days of Christmas

Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas The Daily Meal-style, with a food carol about some of New York City's best dishes.
Maryse Chevrière

To celebrate Christmas, here’s the full food carol version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ The Daily Meal-style, featuring some New York City dishes enjoyed over the years that we’d be willing to sing about. So the complete carol would go...

On the twelfth day of Christmas my waiter brought to me...

Twelve beets for eating,
Eleven tasty smoked things,
Ten gourds a-heaping,
Nine pies a-twirling,

Eight, made with milk in,
Seven soups worth sipping,
Six eggs for feasting,
Five on-ion rings!

Chicks from four birds,
Three fried French hens,
Two desserts for two,
And Felidia’s pear ravioli.


Think another New York City dish should've been featured? Suggest it below!

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