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Pomegranate Juice

POM Wonderful Claims: “Bursting with superior levels of naturally occurring antioxidants it’s 100% authentic, 100% delicious and 100% pure, meaning there’s no added sugar, colorants or cheap filler juices. We have also provided over $34M in funding to support scientific research on POM products at top institutions around the globe so raise a glass to life and to the pursuit of healthiness.”


Health Experts Say: Back in 2007, Harvard Men’s Health Watch published findings that showed pomegranate juice slowed the development of tumors in patients with prostate cancer. A 2009 article in the Washington Post recognizes that although pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants, those compounds have still not been proven to prevent heart attacks or strokes, and mentions that Pom’s test populations have been much smaller than what the FDA would use. More recently in 2010, a study came out that showed drinking the juice saw “reduced inflammation and the damage of oxidative stress caused by free radicals” for kidney disease patients.