Botswana from The World’s Most Expensive Destinations (Slideshow)

The World’s Most Expensive Destinations (Slideshow)


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Surprised to see an African country on this list? (Especially one not named “South Africa”?) A lot of people can relate once they see the price tags associated with a trip to this exotic destination. Yet it all makes a lot of sense when broken down. Safari trips are all the rage right now, and this alone raises the prices in Botswana. On top of that, there’s an awful lot of overhead when it comes to African accommodations. There are no high-rise buildings or motels in which to stay, and safe and secure lodging can cost an awful lot to build and maintain — especially when hosting people used to luxury living. Travelers should thus expect to pay almost $300 per night for lodging, not to mention an expensive flight to get there in the first place. However, upon arrival, guests will thankfully find food, alcohol, and coffee to be a lot more reasonably priced.

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