Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt from Where Superfoods Come From (Slideshow)

Where Superfoods Come From (Slideshow)

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Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is regarded as one of the oldest foods known to the human race, with the earliest form reportedly made in Mesopotamia estimated at 5000 B.C. The word yogurt comes from a Turkish word that means to curdle or to thicken, and yogurt has been a popular part of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine for a long time. Several countries have since adopted different variations of yogurt, from thick and sour to creamy and smooth. Low-fat, plain yogurt has long been considered a real superfood, and within recent years, the protein-packed Greek yogurt has become very popular around the world. In Greece, yogurt has been (and still is) used in many traditional recipes, and is often eaten for breakfast with honey.