Pittsburg, Kan. from The Ultimate American Fried Chicken Roadmap for 2013 Slideshow

The Ultimate American Fried Chicken Roadmap for 2013 Slideshow

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Pittsburg, Kan.

Chicken Annie’s: Pittsburg, Kan.
Chicken Annie’s is known throughout Pittsburg, Kan., for its signature fried chicken and guaranteed hospitality. The restaurant started from humble beginnings. When founder Ann Pichler’s husband was injured in a coal mine accident in 1934, she began serving fried chicken out of their home to support the family. Word quickly spread of the delicious fried chicken, and in 1972 the restaurant moved from the home to its present building. Now, the family continues the tradition of excellent food and warm hospitality with their "thin crust" fried chicken and famous home-battered onion rings. Chicken Annie's was on Travel Channel's Food Wars in 2010 against another restaurant on our list, Chicken Mary’s.

Chicken Mary’s: Pittsburg, Kan.
Located directly next door to above restaurant, Chicken Mary’s delivers fried chicken to the Pittsburg, Kan. area. At 65 years old, this local favorite is very similar to Chicken Annie’s. Mary Zerngast started the restaurant after her husband was no longer able to work in the mines. Both Chicken Mary's and Chicken Annie's are known for their home-battered onion rings, but the difference between the two restaurants comes down to the chicken — Chicken Mary’s is more breaded than Chicken Annie’s and has a crispier quality. Locals are constantly at odds about which neighborhood joint is better, but both are so good they had to make our list.