Cola de Mono (Chile) from 'Nog to the World: 8 ‘Eggnogs’ to Try Around the World

'Nog to the World: 8 ‘Eggnogs’ to Try Around the World

Restaurant Alegre Palacio Astoreca
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Cola de Mono (Chile)

Named for former Chilean president Pedro "Monkey" Montt, Chile’s spirited holiday beverage combines coffee, milk, and pisco. Called cola de mono (translation: "monkey’s tail"), the festive drink is served chilled to combat warm December temperatures. Those heading to the Southern Hemisphere should hit Valparaíso’s new Palacio Astoreca, a national landmark-turned-boutique hotel with a restaurant by an elBulli alum. Chef Sergio Barroso serves a killer cola de mono made with local tonka beans, star anise, and an elegant, semi-frozen coffee "cloud."

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