Sabajón (Colombia) from 'Nog to the World: 12 'Eggnogs' to Try Around the World (Slideshow)

'Nog to the World: 12 'Eggnogs' to Try Around the World (Slideshow)

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Sabajón (Colombia)

Aguardiente, which loosely translates to “firewater” is a spirit made with anise and is not for the faint of heart. Locals sip it alongside a lager after a long day’s work, or stir a few pours into juice for a potent tropical punch. During the holidays, aguardiente is mixed with sweetened milk to make sabajón, eggnog’s Colombian cousin. Travelers can taste a decidedly upscale version at Cartagena’s Hotel Tcherassi, where the swish Aquabar serves an elegant Sabajón Gin Fizz. It combines feijoa sabajón with milk, gin and fresh lime. It comes chilled and topped with a spritz of soda, to combat the sultry Cartagena heat.